Transaxiom is a Research & Development company specialising in the creation of transactional infrastructure. Over the years we have created many tens of solutions to problems, each trying to advance both science and technology.

​The products and proofs of concept have covered several industries but have focused mainly on transport and finance. And, although we have built hardware, the research normally emerges as software implemented at all levels from silicon to server.

​When we have a viable proof of concept and, usually, a corresponding reference implementation we then work with clients to create an integrated, industrial-strength solution, which they then deploy.

​Our current focus is finance and, specifically, digital currencies and payment systems.

​The reason for this is that the current payment industry is more focused on those who control systems (“issuers”) than their customers and merchants. Systems have been designed around profit rather than convenience and have centred almost wholly on those who have money rather than those who need a reliable and secure means of accessing those things needed for sustenance.

Some of what we do is born of a desire to level the payment playing field by reimagining it; by developing all the components necessary to build and maintain a payment infrastructure that is ubiquitous and available to all, independent of credit rating, age or status.

​This payment infrastructure is applicable to all payment scenarios, all currencies and all countries, including their central banks, for which a true digital equivalent of cash is a prerequisite.

​We have built a complete reference implementation of our solution and you can see how some of it works here.